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10 Common Misconceptions about Custom Canvas Wall Prints

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If you have thought about designing and printing a custom canvas wall print but keep hesitating on the edge of getting started, it might be your misconceptions holding you back. High quality, handcrafted canvas prints are the perfect option to display and preserve your most treasured photos. Here are ten common misconceptions about canvas prints debunked to help you feel comfortable about ordering a canvas print. 1. Canvas prints have to be put in a frame. The depth of canvas means that custom canvas wall prints can be displayed attractively without a frame. In fact, canvas printing options can wrap the image over the sides of the canvas or use colors pulled from the image on the sides for a finished look without the frame. 2. …And conversely, canvas prints can’t be put into a frame. Although canvas prints do not have to be framed, it’s no problem for Canvas Press to frame your custom canvas wall prints for you. We offer framing options for both our .75" depth and 1.5" depth canvas prints. 3. Canvas prints have to look like a painting. This myth probably comes from the typical paintings on canvas found in art galleries. Anything goes with custom canvas wall prints, not just paintings! Photos, word art, and more look great on canvas. The printing method is a giclée process which means photos will look life like. If you would like to have your canvas prints look like a painting we offer a service called Oilworks. That is when we digitally paint your photo to make it look like an artist's painting. 4. Canvas prints have to be a certain size. Custom canvas wall prints can be printed as small as 8 inches by 8 inches and as large as an entire wall (up to 54"x96"). And when you use Canvas Press, you can even have canvas prints made in custom or irregular sizes. If you are wanting a panoramic or trying to fill an odd shaped wall don't worry about paying extra for a custom size. That is a specialty of Canvas Press and we don't charge extra for it. 5. Canvas prints don’t last as long as alternatives. Our printed canvases use high quality materials such as artist canvas and Epson archival inks. This means that your next photo on canvas will hold up to normal exposure for decades, far outlasting any print-at-home photo prints, and even canvas prints from lower quality labs. 6. Canvas print photos have to be taken with a DSLR. Not true at all. A good printer will guide you through the process, but as a point of reference, even Instagram photos can usually be printed on canvas up to 20"x20"! If you have a question about the quality of the photo you have (no matter what kind of camera you took it with) don't hesitate to send it to us for our printing recommendation. 7. Canvas prints are difficult to ship. We have a proven method of shipping custom canvas wall prints without damage, and if damage does occur, we will work with you to make your order right. 8. Canvas print images can’t be retouched. If the image you are looking to have printed on canvas needs retouching, Canvas Press will be able to retouch it for you as easily as with a traditional photo. We offer two different levels of retouching services. If you have any hesitation feel free to send us your image and we can let you know what type of retouching service you will need. 9. It takes a long time to receive a canvas print. Worried about meeting a date for a birthday or other special event? Our Canvas prints don’t take as long as you might expect to prepare and ship. In fact, Canvas Press can usually ship canvas prints in 2 to 5 business days, depending on volume and how much retouching or added services are requested. 10. You have to be an expert to design for canvas. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, most images are as easy to order on canvas as they are for traditional prints. If you’re still worried about the process or not sure you have the right image for your vision, contact Canvas Press’s friendly, experienced professional photographers and artists at 888.784.5553 or visit