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2014 - The Future is So Bright

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We made it through the holidays. It was a crazy (with a capital K) month of December. We were blown away and blessed with all of the orders that came in for Christmas gifts. We worked 12, 14, and even 20 hour days to get everything out the door in time. It was easily the busiest Christmas season we have had and we have to thank all of you for that. So now that we have made it through and celebrated a brand spankin' new year...what comes next? We look forward to this year and doing an even better job of delivering a quality product while giving you such a good experience that you will want to tell all of your friends. Some of our goals or resolutions for this year are to make it a priority to spread the word about what we do through local and national events. We are committed to our grass roots effort of getting the Canvas Press name out there and to do that we might have to do a little road tripping. We are going to start small, with some fantastic Austin events, but if you know of an event that we can possibly generate some buzz at then please let us know. We are open to any event that a large group of people can discover us and our product for the first time. On a personal level around here...I think getting in shape is a top priority. We all had a little too much figgy pudding (if you know what I mean). The workout programs can not start soon enough. Doak, Cody and myself will most likely be trying to get through the P90-x program and Caroline will most likely rekindle her Zumba workout routines. A few more personal resolutions for me would be to write more, take more photos for my own enjoyment (and find a way to display them), do another art show, enjoy more time with friends and family. I would also like to take a resolution that I saw from comedian Jim Gaffigan...I resolve to be less perfect. It will be quite a challenge, but I am pretty sure that is one resolution I can pull off. If you have any resolutions you would like to share throw them on the comments or over on our Facebook page.