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3 Mother’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

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If you are like me, you often feel stumped about a good Mother's Day gift for your mother, your mother in law, and the different "adopted" mothers that a lot of us are lucky enough to find in our everyday lives. Candy? Boring. A gift card? Yeah, how original! Flowers? Really? What about photographs? Think about it, you could begin some sort of annual tradition in which your Mother's Day gift is a portrait of some sort. We'll look at three different kinds of photographic gifts that could become the ultimate way of showing your "mother" that you love her, and on a daily instead of a "once a year" basis. The Portrait Okay, the most obvious photographic Mother's Day gift is a group or formal portrait. Now, if you put that image on photo canvas and make it a gallery quality shot, well, that would be great...but don't stop there. For instance, why not do a more personally relevant shot. Pose in a location that is significant to your mother, such as the yard of the family home, a favorite picnic spot, or somewhere that has very deep and personal meaning. You might also decide to do a "clowning" sort of portrait. Everyone with a mustache, everyone jumping, or everyone hanging upside down are all methods for making her laugh when she opens it and each time she glances at it. This is why we suggest that canvas photo prints are a good call - she could put the picture among the regular "wall art". The Challenging Family Maybe your mother is not the canvas prints type of recipient and would more appreciate a gift that comes with a challenge and a reward? You can still use the photographic idea, but then send the file on to one of the many photographic websites to be converted into a jigsaw puzzle! The Shutterfly website is famous for this sort of thing and also has a long list of other photographic gifts to create from original images. In fact, gift galleries of this kind are a wonderful way to come up with ideas about using your shots for Mother's Day gifts. If you don't want to pay a commercial site for a puzzle picture why not have everyone in the family pose for the shot and then divide that entire image between a handful of regular prints. Then, everyone can send a Mother's Day card with their own piece of the print. This could then be framed as a massive poster print or piece of unique wall art! Pictorial Flowers A nice bouquet of flowers is okay (a bit overdone, but always appreciated), but a totally unique bouquet might just make her year. Why not use the ideas from the LegacyProject website and create a photographic bouquet instead? Your individual images could be printed, cropped and mounted to an array of cut out flowers and then arranged as a bouquet. Imagine the smiles and joy that you mother will enjoy each time she passes by this wonderful "floral tribute". mother's day gift, gift ideas, photo canvas, mom and son, canvas print