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4 Things to Avoid When Ordering Canvas Prints

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ordering canvas prints

1. Avoid low resolution images pulled from the internet.

Low resolution images are the top thing to avoid when printing on canvas. Although the texture of the canvas itself paired with a little editing in a program like Photoshop can help “hide” the fact that an image is lower-quality, no amount of help can fix very low resolution images (72 dpi) that have been formatted to load quickly on web pages by reducing image quality. However, images from photo-heavy sites like Instagram are usually high enough quality to print up to 24”x24” as canvas prints.

2. Printing artwork without the consent of the artist or photographer.

Copyright can be an issue if you are looking to make canvas prints from the artistic work of another person. An image (or any other creative work) is automatically copyrighted by the person who created it, even if it’s available on the internet and there is no official notice of copyright visible. To avoid copyright issues or printing delays, follow these rules of thumb:
  • Obtain permission from the image’s copyright holder to use the image. Written permission is always best.
  • If you’re looking for a particular type of image, you might be able to find a high quality photo using stock photography sites.
  • You can also print images that have fallen out of copyright or have been given free use licenses by the copyright holder. You can find these images through sources like the Library of Congress and Wikimedia.

3. Watch Your Borders

Choosing the “Image” Border Type for your canvas when important elements of the photo are close to the edge of the photo will cause those elements to wrap on the side of the canvas. If an important part of your photo is close to the canvas edge, it’s better to choose mirror or color border type. This prevents the viewer’s eye from falsely perceiving distortion and other “tricks of the eye” that happen when a focal part of an image wraps over the canvas edge. You can also order a larger size canvas print to ensure that all of the image’s important components are on the front of your canvas print.

4. Buying Only on Price

Canvas Press knows we are not your only option for buying canvas prints. When you’re searching for your options on the internet you will probably see a few discount printers that offer what look to be lower prices at first. Keep in mind though that when it comes to canvas prints and other photographic materials, lower prices typically mean lower quality – now, and in the future when those discounted materials may fade or break down prematurely. You want your canvas prints to look perfect every time and so does Canvas Press. When you order your canvas prints from us, we will individually check your order and contact you if we have any concerns about how the final product will look. Plus, all of our canvas prints are made in the USA by our imaging professionals and are backed by our 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. When you order from Canvas Press, you can order with confidence knowing that your order will be given individual attention and will come out perfect in quality, every time.