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5 Reasons to Decorate with Large Canvas Prints

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large canvas prints Large artwork is a fantastic centerpiece for virtually any room, adding drama and visual interest that draws the eye immediately. You may have noticed the increase in large artwork as décor in recent years and been thinking about using large canvas prints yourself. Canvas Press can print nearly any size canvas prints up to 54”x96”, which makes it easy to capture the high end look of large canvas prints for any room in your home. Here are five reasons to jump in on decorating with large canvas prints.

1. Large Canvas Prints Are Budget Friendly

When a room starts to feel outmoded or stale our first instinct is to do a remodel, but the budget for updating a room can be overrun in a heartbeat once the ideas start to flow. Before you break out the calculator, remember that sometimes all a room needs is a facelift. A large canvas print can provide as much of an update as redoing all other accents combined for a lot less time and money.

2. Big Prints Make a Big Impact

When you’re working with large canvas prints, a blank wall becomes the backdrop for a high contrast, big impact print. Think about the times that you’ve visited an art gallery and walked into a room that had multiple smaller pieces and one large artwork; it’s almost always the large artwork that we look to first. By using large canvas prints you can capture this kind of impact in your own home. A large canvas print can also provide contrast that helps more understated elements in the room stand out.

3. A Large Canvas Print Highlights What You Love

Your favorite room is a reflection of who you are and how you would like others to feel in your home. Creating a large canvas print that displays the things that you love most lets others know what’s close to your heart – and it looks amazing doing it.

4. Large Canvas Prints Go With Any Décor Style

Whether you consider your home décor style to be contemporary, eclectic, traditional, modern, or drawn from any other school of decorating, a large canvas print can fit your vision. A geometric canvas print can provide flow, compliment, and contrast with modernist furniture, while a gentle landscape canvas print can deliver a soft focal point for a traditionalist room. Since you are choosing the image to have made into a canvas print, you are in control in selecting the perfect print for your individual style.

5. Large Canvas Prints Pull It All Together

Rooms that rely on tons of small elements and accessories can quickly become overwhelming because the eye does not know where to look. A carefully chosen large canvas print can pull together all of the elements of a room by providing a focus point that compliments the rest of the décor. Once you’ve chosen the perfect large canvas print for your room, think about pulling colors from the canvas print for future décor updates for a truly put-together look.

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