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5 Spring Photoshoot Ideas: Messy Yard Pictures & More

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What happens when you mix a winter full of polar vortexes, people with severe cabin fever, and the promise of a little warmer weather on the horizon? That is a recipe for a record breaking mass of people heading outdoors this spring. Yes, Spring is here! Finally. We need to celebrate getting through such a long brutal winter by getting out into nature with our cameras and capturing all of the newness of spring. Here are 5 messy messy yard Spring photoshoot ideas. These are just general ideas so based on where you live you may need to adjust. Use these ideas as a jumping off point. Oh, and keep in mind that the last day of Spring is June 20th…so you have a little time.

Planting a Garden

Give your kids certain tasks when planting your garden this spring. Letting them use the tools, planting seeds and getting their hands dirty are all fantastic photo opportunities this Spring. Be sure to get down on the level of the garden for more interesting messy yard pictures.

Yard Work

What? How did that get in here? Scratch that one.

Grass stained / Muddy Knees

That’s more like it. Maybe it is the aftermath of some serious yard work (wishful thinking). More likely it is after some serious playing in the yard. Either way have your camera ready to capture the details. Everything including the muddy footprints, grassy knees, and muddy hands are fantastic details to capture. photo ideas for spring

New Life

Hey, Life is messy and after all, that is what Spring is all about right? "New Life" is a broad term so it can be interpreted to plants and animals. It could be a tree budding new leaves, baby birds, a butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon, or a new blade of grass. Go outside, take a walk or a hike and look around. You are bound to see some new life happening around you. If you get messy along the way then it is a bonus. photo ideas for spring

Decorating Easter Eggs

A few tips for this time honored tradition. Do this in a well lit environment (preferably with plenty of window light). That way you don’t have to use your camera’s flash. Sit at the table with your kids as they decorate. This will give you an eye level view with them. Make sure you cover your table with some newspaper or kraft paper in case it gets messy…and if it does get messy make sure you get the shot!

Play in the Rain

It can be tricky taking pictures in the rain. Make sure you are under an umbrella and the camera is safe. Get shots of the rain boots and splashing in puddles. This will be a great memory for you and your kids. photo ideas for spring

Photograph by: The Pricess and the Pickle. Visit her blog to see more.

Those are just a few messy yard Spring photoshoot ideas to tackle. I am sure you can come up with more. If any of your photos from the Spring are ones you want to make into canvas prints you know where to find us.