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5 Ways to Instantly Look Better in Photos

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Even though people won’t admit it, most of them make an effort to always look good during a photo shoot. It may not show, but take a closer look and you’ll notice that some prefer posing in a certain angle while others have a certain stance that they automatically do once they see a camera being pointed at them. Just like the models you see in magazine, these people have perfected the art of looking good while they’re being photographed. While some have an uncanny ability to strike a pose and angle themselves in a manner that will make them look good, there are those who find it a struggle to determine what they need to do to hide their physical flaws and look beautiful in photographs. If you happen to find yourself facing this type of dilemma, don’t fret. Simply follow the tips listed below and you’ll find yourself on your way to looking good in every photo shoot. Rotate Them Hips Finding it hard to keep your tummy from stealing the show during a photo shoot? Well, you’re not only one facing this dilemma. There are others who find it a challenge to hide their tummy while being photographed. While there are those who will stand by the standard rule of tucking your tummy in while holding your breath, you could opt to do something else that won’t lead to you passing out – simply keep your hips away directly from the camera by rotating them. Yes, the act of twisting your hips is effective enough to give you the slimming effect you’re looking for. It’s easy to do and keeps you from making an awkward face as you try your hardest to hold in your breath. Cross Your Legs While Standing Even though the act of crossing one’s legs is usually reserved for the sitting position, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage while you’re standing up. What will this act do for you? No, it won’t make you lose your balance – provided you’re doing it right, of course. See, crossing your legs while standing is another effective way of slimming your body. The logic behind this is that whenever you cross your legs while standing up, you help elongate your legs. The longer your legs look, the taller you become making you look slimmer during every shot. So if you feel that the holidays have made you gain an inch or two, don’t sweat it. Just cross your legs and you’ll get that slim and sexy silhouette you’re looking for. pose for better photos, be more photogenic The Perfect Headshot – Nose Toward The Camera Hate it when your chin – and its twin – becomes the focus of everyone’s attention? Well, there’s a simple remedy for that – simply push your nose towards the camera. While at first glance it may not have anything to do with your chin, inching your nose towards the lens of the camera actually stretches your chin inward and reduces the chances of it doubling up. Not only does this act make you look slimmer, it also helps you exude an air of confidence with every shot. pose for better photos, be more photogenic Yes, It’s Okay To Lean Being photographed doesn’t require you to stand still or be in a formal posture at all times. In fact, one of the best ways to look good in a picture is to strike a relaxed and casual pose. This is best captured by simply leaning on something. Doing this while maintaining a casual demeanor allows you to give off a more positive yet confident vibe which will show when people see your photo. pose for better photos Keep Your Hands Busy If you’ve heard photographers tell you do something with your hands, rest assured that they’re not trying to trick you into doing anything foolish. Most – if not all – would want you to keep your hands busy to keep your nervousness at bay and prevent you from looking stiff and awkward. When your hands are just hanging by your side, you’ll end up looking too serious or really nervous, especially when they start shaking. The simple act of putting your hands in your pockets or your hips can help a lot in making you look feel relaxed and confident. pose for better photos, be more photogenic