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Add Pops of Color to Canvas Art With Hex Color Numbers

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color border option Color is on a huge comeback. No longer are people afraid to experiment with bold pops of color in their d&eacutecor. Combining neutral tones with unexpected and vibrant pops of color on your canvas art adds drama to the artwork and to your home d&eacutecor. It can also help pull together elements that might otherwise appear unrelated. If you’re interested in applying this d&eacutecor aesthetic, one easy way to do it is with Canvas Press’ color border option for canvas art. This pop of color works for nearly any image, and there are nearly limitless colors you can choose from to pick just the right shade. Color borders also contribute to your canvas prints’ finished look by almost mimicking the look of a frame around your image. Here’s how to start implementing color borders on your canvas prints.

Picking a Color: All About Hex Numbers

If you’ve ever had a heated conversation about what, exactly, Kelly Green, Cerulean, or any other color looks like, you know that colors can be interpreted differently by different people. To make colors exact, many rely on hex numbers for color values. A hex number is a number assigned to each specific color value or shade in the visible spectrum. This is a highly precise way to produce color for anything from web sites to canvas prints. A hex number is indicated by a pound sign followed by six numbers or letters. The first two characters denote how high the red value is; the next two denote green; and the last two indicate blue. For the two most basic colors, the code is simple: #FFFFFF creates white (R,G,B at their maximum) and #000000 creates black (R,G,B at their minimum).

How to Pick Hex Numbers

color border option There are thousands upon thousands of different color values that can be expressed through hex numbers, so how do you know how to create the exact shade you want without a lot of experimentation? Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can find hex values on your own without the guesswork. One way is to use an online hex color picker like this one from RapidTables. Another way is to open your color palette in Photoshop; in most versions, you will see a hex number for the shade selected. You can also pull a color value and find its hex number using the eyedropper tool. When you’re ready to design your own wall art with Canvas Press, be sure to choose the Color Border under the "Border Type" drop down menu. Then you will see a typable box under “Selected Color” where you can input your own hex number.

Using Hex Numbers for D&EacuteCOR with Color Borders

Using hex color numbers for a pop of color on the borders of your canvas art enables you to perfectly match any shade, whether it comes from your image or your home d&eacutecor. Many paint companies, for example, are now making hex numbers available for the color values of the paint they produce. You can also create a pop of contrast and let the color border really stand out by being the only color of its type in a room, especially if you choose a deeper canvas. Your color creativity is unlimited with hex numbers and color borders.