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Canvas Press at Imaging USA in New Orleans...The Aftermath...Part 1

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We are back from New Orleans, and oh what a trip it was. I think the only bad part about the trip was the traffic that we hit getting into New Orleans...the 8 hour trip turned into a 10 and a half hour trip. But after that it was smooth sailing. We met a ton of terrific photographers and everyone was so nice. We answered a lot of questions about our photo canvas prints, our aluminum prints, and where the bathroom was (kidding). It was a very large trade show with some very large printing companies...but I think we did a great job of standing out from the crowd. People could come up and touch the canvas prints and ask us specific questions about the best ways to produce a photo to canvas or photo to metal print. We did get to have some great New Orleans food and checked out a few of the local flavors. Here is a taste of what I caught from just my iphone during the trip. Next week I will share what we caught on our regular can tell us which you like better. canvas press, road trip, louisiana, new orleans, photos on canvas A few from the trip there. Mississippi River, canvas prints, vintage photo canvas press booth, imaging usa, photos on canvas, canvas pictures, picture canvas Here is what our booth looked like. Very nice. doak walker, canvas press, cocktail, emeril, instagram, photo canvas Here is our owner (Doak) enjoying a fruity cocktail...he is a man's man. emeril's, instagram, porkchop, picture to canvas Had to include some food shots...this is the double cut pork chop I ordered from Emeril's...possibly one of the best things I have ever eaten. I am still dreaming about it. New Orleans, marching band, imaging usa, black & white photo, canvas photo prints New Orleans, cable car, night photography, instagram, iphoneography, photos on canvas New Orleans, downtown, cable car, bourbon street, canal street, canvas press, pictures on canvas imaging usa, canon, graphic wall, canvas photos A few shots from the actual trade show. Canon had a cool graphic wall behind their booth. photo to canvas, imaging usa, abstract art, metal chains, chain curtain, print on canvas This was part of another booth...I can't remember which company it was though. New Orleans, Imaging USA, convention center, canvas press, architectural photography, iphoneography Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Imaging USA, Canvas Press, Tilt Shift, canvas photos The is the view from La Bayou restaurant on Bourbon Street. Excellent view, excellent food. Leica, M9, camera, photo, imaging USA, canvas press, iphoneography, photos on canvas This is the Leica M9. This little camera retails for...hold your breath...$7,000.00. You can pass out now. Imaging USA, canvas press, albino crocodile Yup, you could even get your photo taken with an albino alligator...or is it a croc? Imaging USA, tradeshow, iphoneography, canvas art, picture to canvas Part of an exhibitor's booth. canvas press, button, slogan, catch phrase, canvas prints, imaging usa, new orleans These are the buttons we were passing out. There is only a few left if you want one. imaging USA, iphoneography, canvas press, canvas prints background cloth, muslin, pinks, iphoneography photo on canvas, instagram, iphoneography, print on canvas We'll end it with a few night time shots of downtown New Orleans. new orleans, downtown, instagram, night photography, canvas pictures New Orleans, downtown, night photography, iphoneography, canvas photo prints New Orleans, downtown, hotel, neon sign, night photography, canvas photos Mothers, restaurant, dive, sandwhiches, debris, New Orleans Oh, and this is the inside of Mother's. You have to eat here if you are going to New Orleans. It's a dive, but the sandwiches are amazing...and huge. New Orleans, neon sign, jazz cafe, jazz, cafe, canvas prints from photos Canvas Press, staff pics, New Orleans, Imaging USA, night photography Doak and Caroline patiently waiting for me...and Doak's mom Diane to finish taking photographs. New Orleans, Pralines, photo to canvas neon light, red light, fire escape, New Orleans iphoneography, print to canvas, canvas print, New Orleans iphoneography, New Orleans, architecture, night photography, photo to canvas New Orleans, Instagram, downtown, canvas pictures night photography, iphoneography, New Orleans, downtown, print on canvas