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Customer Spotlight - Piperlime

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We have the unique honor to work with a unique mixture of photographers, artists, hobbyists, gift givers, and commercial clients. We were so honored when the folks from the Gap got in touch with us and asked if we could help them out with the flagship Piperlime store. The store is located in the SoHo neighborhood in New York City. Prior to opening this first brick and mortar store, Piperlime had been a web based business. We worked on a few different concepts for the in store displays that differentiate the different areas of the store. When we work with brands we are acutely aware that branding is extremely important. We worked with the amazing folks at Piperlime to make sure the logo color and quality of the canvas prints would live up to the same quality standards they require in their products. customer highlight customer highlight Having had a chance to physically visit the store was a fantastic chance for me to really understand exactly how they were using the canvas prints in the store. We don't often to get that chance for 99% of the jobs we do. We occasionally will have images sent in to us from our customers, but rarely to we get to see the finished job in person. The store itself fits perfectly into the SoHo vibe. It isn't gaudy or overdone...just simple, inviting with the buzz of fashion running through it. Our canvases were sprinkled around the store giving their customers an idea of what can be found in different areas of the store. The Piperlime manifesto hung proudly over the checkout area. It was so cool to be able to chat with the employees in the store and let them know that I was from the company that provided the canvas prints in the store. Side note...super friendly staff and very helpful to an out of town guest. They saw I had my camera and suggested I go on top of the 30 Rock building for some great shots...which lead to me seeing the rehearsal for SNL which has been a dream of mine...end side note. customer highlight customer highlight customer highlight Special thanks to the very talented folks at Gap / Piperlime in San Francisco for pushing our customization limits. It is no wonder why that company has been at the top of the game for so long. Their employees are always thinking outside the box. We love it. If you have a project that requires canvas prints, metal prints, or custom wallpaper and it is a little (or a lot) outside the box don't be afraid to give us a call. It is more than likely that we can make your project a reality. customer highlight photos by: Eric Von Lehmden (that's me)