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Decorate your home with custom canvas art prints

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Create canvas art that is unique and personal to decorate your home. It can be a challenge to find exactly the right piece of art to accent your home and personal space. Just like the saying goes, “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself!” This applies to your own décor and art as well. You can accomplish the look you want no matter what your interior design style is with custom canvas printing.

Digital photos are great for printing on canvas and it is so easy to do. Just follow these quick steps and you are on your way to making your very own canvas art prints:

  • Make sure your digital camera is on the correct settings. 10 megapixel cameras can be set to take 1 megapixel photos so don’t make that mistake! Check your resolution and quality settings. Choose the maximum resolution available and fine or “superfine” quality. Buy extra memory cards if you need to so you can hold all the large high quality images.
  • Take some creative shots. You might already be a great amateur photographer but think about getting something a little different than a typical snapshot. Look for color and light and see how different textures in the scene work together.
  • Shoot until you can’t shoot anymore! Inevitably some shots might not work. To make sure you don’t get unwanted objects in the scene or blurry pictures make sure to take several copies of the image you want so that you’ll definitely have one to print later.
  • Download the images to your computer and review them. Once you have picked the best few you can experiment with some digital editing. Whenever you make changes to an image always save it as a copy. Just in case you change your mind you want to be able to go back to the original and start over. Use any kind of photo editing software to make some color adjustments, or get creative and take the adjustments to the extreme for some abstract art. Be sure to save the edited files at the highest, original size.

Canvas Press can then take your artwork and have it printed on canvas. Our professional image specialists can add any other effects you want. It is printed and stretched on high quality, artist grade canvas, just like an original painting would be.

Now you have your very own canvas that is the most unique and personal art you can find. Don’t stress over your next décor project, just come to Canvas Press and create the best canvas art prints.