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Decorating With Photos on Canvas Changed How I Decorate

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decorating with photos on canvas Photos on canvas are much more accessible today than they were even five years ago, when it was more common to see these works of art in high end restaurants and hotels than in put-together homes. The versatility of photos on canvas leads to hundreds of novel and unique uses for any decorating style or dilemma. Here are a few things about how decorating with photos on canvas that have changed my approach to decorating.

1. Matching the Perfect Piece is More Straightforward with DIY Art

Finding store bought art that matches a unique furniture or accent piece can be a huge investment of time, one that does not always pay off. The rule of thumb shouldn’t be finding furniture that matches the artwork! Photos on canvas are the easiest way to match those unique pieces and keep the feel of a room cohesive and put together.

2. The Center of the Wall Isn’t Always the Best Place for Artwork

Especially with larger pieces of artwork, centering a photo on canvas or framed print on one wall as a stand-alone attention getter is almost the norm. However, photos on canvas re so simple to hang (and for that matter, to move later) the center of the wall is only the beginning. In fact, hanging photos on canvas somewhere unexpected can draw even more of a viewer’s attention. Off-center, in a group with simply framed prints, or even under glass in a customized table – photos on canvas can go almost anywhere.

3. Decorating with Photos on Canvas Can Be More than Art for Art’s Sake

When most people think of photos on canvas, a gorgeous print is the first thing that comes to mind. However, canvas prints can be more than just art. Consider these handy uses: Always forgetting something when you leave the house? Make a customized canvas print of that item and hang it on your way to the door as a reminder. Make a personalized wall clock with photos on canvas by printing 12 treasured photos in a smaller size. Carefully measure and place them to correspond with the hours of an analog clock, and buy motorized, stand-alone clock hands at a craft store to set in the middle. Make it useful. Photos on canvas are relatively lightweight; this means they can be hung nearly anywhere, including on cabinet faces. Cover up the front of a reclaimed or stale key cabinet or other small hideaway with a custom canvas for a brand new look.

4. In the End, the Only Rule Is There Are No Rules

Home décor magazines like to share rules of thumb, but all houses (and all decorators’ tastes and needs!) are different. Though rules of thumb for measuring and matching can be helpful it would be more accurate to call them “guidelines” instead of rules, especially since photos on canvas are so flexible the old “rules” for artwork don’t always apply. Realizing this has freed me to decorate on my own terms, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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