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Designing a Resolution

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New Year, new room. Freshen up your living space for a new outlook on things. With the rush and hustle of the holidays now a blurry memory, you may have jumped right back into work or school and not had time to recuperate. Chances are, there are still lights hung on your house, the tree may be put away or thrown out, but a few stockings and decorations are left lying around. Maybe even an ornament or two lost their way and just didn't get put back... It's not going to get any better or easier as the year moves on, so you know you have to do it now. Why not make the most of it, and while you're cleaning up the holiday remnants spend a little time sprucing up the house for the rest of the year. With garlands and wreaths removed, do the walls and the room just look bare? You could put back the same things that have always been there (if anything at all), but this is a new year! It is time for a new look to revive your room and refresh yourself. Look through the photos you took over the holidays, or anything fun you did on vacation last year. Surely some of them are wall-worthy. Make the most of your décor by personalizing it with canvas artwork of your own photos and memories. It will be quite a conversation piece when you describe the crazy trip to the Grand Canyon where you took the picture resting on the mantel. Also see what simple accents could be changed or re-arranged. Switch out lamps from different rooms, or just get a new lampshade. Throw pillows and blankets can add a little pop of color and texture to a boring room. Is your furniture arranged in a layout conducive to conversation? Invite a few friends over and trying moving seating around to find the best setup. Not excited about yet another year at your job? Stuck in a cubicle or a stark white office? Take knick-knacks and personal art into work as well to brighten your spirit. You don't have to stare at the woolen-like gray mat of the cube wall, a light-weight 8x10 canvas could make all the difference. Some people like to set goals for themselves when a new year begins. Travel to Europe, fit into your wedding dress, plant a garden… Give yourself something to encourage you to reach that goal. Make a picture of whatever it is, be it picture from your wedding, a close-up floral shot, or a friend's picture of the Eiffel Tower. Have it printed and display it proudly in your home. Every day when you see it you will be reminded of your goal. Whether you believe in New Year's resolutions or not, everyone needs a fresh start now and then. Add a little mix into your daily routine by making simple modifications to your living environment. You can even enjoy having company over again so they can admire the changes you've made. Canvas Press - The Photo to Canvas Experts