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Enlarging and Printing Old Photos on Canvas | Canvas Press

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In this digital age where photos are stored on computers and on smart phones and in the cloud...doesn't it make you miss the days of turning in a roll of film and actually getting prints back. It is pretty crazy to think that those days weren't too long maybe 5,6,7 years ago. Now we rarely get prints made from our digital cameras and iPhones. Instead of having boxes and drawers full of photo envelopes, we have folders and folders of photographs. Well, recently we had a customer named Nola who was going through one of those boxes or drawers of old photos and came across a photo of her Mom and Dad that she absolutely loves. She wanted to get this photo printed on canvas so she could have that reminder of her parents close to her, plus it is a very stylish photo that will look great in her house. So in reality it serves triple duty. Family history, a conversation piece, and a unique piece of art. She started with a small 4"x5" photo and ended up with a 20"x30" photo on canvas. We can help you with the project of enlarging and printing your old photos. If you have an old (or relatively old) photograph that you would like to turn into a photo canvas then you can either scan it in on a flatbed scanner at the highest resolution that your scanner will allow and save it as a JPG. Then you can just upload the photo to us directly on our web site. If you don't have a scanner at home, not to fear. Give us a call (888.784.5553) and we will be happy to scan your photo and print your canvas for of charge. We can scan up to an 8.5"x11" photograph. If you have something larger we have another solution for you. We want to thank Nola for trusting us with her family heirloom, and we hope this gives you some ideas to dig around in those photo drawers, albums or shoeboxes and find a photo that you want to print on canvas. We are here to help you restore old pictures and give them new life!