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Friday Wrap Up 5/9

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We leave you this Friday with some of our favorite things. Through careful research and devious planning I managed to extract some of the favorite things from the team here at Canvas Press. This is shocking insight into the recesses of our lives...ok, I over-dramatized that just a bit. Caroline: Loves exploring a new place...ANY new place. She is a little obsessed with macaroni and cheese. She has a Pinterest board dedicated to it. That takes dedication. Doak: Shelby Mustang (He doesn't have one, but he wants's pretty bad) Whole Food's Chili - there was an incident yesterday. We went to the new Whole Foods here in Austin and they were out of chili. He was pretty grumpy for the rest of the day. Eric: Nutella Rolls from The Blue Baker Taking photos of flowers...there, I said it and it is out in the open. I love taking pics of flowers. peony flower photography