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Gallery Wrapped - Colored Border

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Swiss Music Festival Poster Printed on Canvas Many of you call and email asking about our Gallery Wrapped - Colored Border product. This product positions your image on the front of the canvas while a solid color is selected for the four sides. A recent customer's comments clearly detail why this product is useful. "Hi Canvas Press, Yes, got my order and loved it! I wasn't sure how it would turn out because it was a photo of a poster, and not taken with the intention of ever doing anything with it--just one of many travel photos. Here is the story: My fiancé took this photo last summer on our first vacation together. We went to Europe and he also proposed on that same trip. He took this photo the one day we spent in Switzerland. He is a musician and this poster advertising a local music festival caught his eye. I decided to blow it up on canvas as an anniversary present for him. I chose Canvas Press because they offer a colored border option, which I needed because the photo didn't allow extra room to stretch around the frame. I love the custom color choices they offer; I chose an aqua from the poster that also matches our vintage record player above which the artwork hangs. It arrived packaged very well and was even more clear, colorful, and impactful than I had imagined it would be. Both my fiancé and I love admiring this personal and meaningful memento from our vacation and our first year together. Thank you!!!" Please email your comments and pictures to We would love to hear from you.