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Gift Cards From Canvas Press Can Save the Day

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Are you scrambling right now to find a gift for a loved one? That one that you totally forgot about. You really don't want to head out to the me...I have seen the carnage with my own eyes. It is a madhouse out there. There is a simple and pretty fantastic solution to the dilemma. A Canvas Press gift card. You can buy them in several different amounts and the best thing is you can print them out in the comfort of your own home. No waiting on shipping, no standing in lines, no stalking people for their parking spaces (I know you do that). None of that. Just head to our Gift Card page on our website and choose what you need and how many you may need. If you have purchased from us in the past you know that the person you are giving this gift card will have a chance to have some beautiful canvas prints hanging in their house. Something they will enjoy for several years to come. Now that really is the gift that keeps giving. Now the trick is all in the presentation. Here are a few ideas to go the extra mile when "wrapping" your gift card. You can print the gift card info out on colored paper, make your own card to go along with it, put it in a huge box with a ton of tissue paper, write a poem or limerick, and even tie a very fancy bow. These are all fun ways in presenting your gift card to the gift-ee. We have tons of ideas so if you need any more just give us a call today and I can help you brainstorm. canvas press gift card, gift cards, canvas gift cards, gift cards for canvas, canvas prints, photos on canvas