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How to Store Canvas Prints & Other Wall Art | Canvas Press

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store canvas prints Artwork is an investment and certainly isn’t any less so when the artwork is your own. Even if you came in below your budget with your canvas prints your prints have value to you and to your family, and if properly cared for can last for decades. When it’s time to change your artwork or store it, how do you make sure that your canvas prints are properly secured? Here we’ll talk about the where’s, how’s, and why’s of storing your canvas prints to maximize their lifetime use while preserving their pristine condition.

The Best Places to Store Canvas Prints

Although canvas prints from Canvas Press are custom made to handle the normal exposure and temperature fluctuations in a home, it’s a good idea to always store your canvas prints in an environment that mimics your living environment. Especially in warmer climates it’s common to use sheds as storage places for all kinds of things; however, this should never be done with artwork of any kind. The temperature and humidity fluctuations outside are more extreme and can quickly damage photographs and artwork, including your canvas prints. Instead, find an area in your home such as an unused area of a room or a finished basement for your art canvas storage. Choose an area away from heat sources like water heaters or vents. Also look for a place out of direct sunlight. Although Canvas Press prints are treated to fight against fading, in a storage situation direct sunlight can cause severe or uneven pigment variance while you aren’t looking. Plus, you want to save as much of your prints’ lifetime as possible for when you have them hung to admire!

How to Store Canvas Prints & Other Wall Art

A question we hear all the time is, “How should canvas prints in storage be positioned?” Face to face and backs to backs is our general rule. Picture your canvases in groups of two: The first two have the canvas side facing one another. The third one added is positioned so that the back is next to the back of the first pair, and the fourth has its canvas side facing the canvas side of the third one. For extra protection, you can place acid-free archival paper between the canvas fronts. Also, storing your canvas prints upright is better than storing them flat on the ground. Since canvas prints are designed to be displayed upright, this helps prevent the canvas from becoming loose. Try to avoid storing your canvas prints directly on the floor. Not only does this increase the chances of accidentally bumping your canvases with your foot, but canvases and other paper-based materials can absorb moisture from floors even if you can’t see it. If you have several canvas prints and storing them on the ground is the only option (nothing wrong with that) then placing an acid free material on the ground for them to rest on is a great idea. Or if you happen to hang on to the bag your canvas was wrapped in when it arrived your can re-wrap it in that and that will give it some extra protection from the ground. Your canvas prints from Canvas Press truly can last a lifetime and become artwork that is passed on to the next generation with proper care and handling. If you have additional questions about how to store canvas prints and other wall art you can always call us at 888.784.5553 – we want to make sure that your canvas prints last, too!

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