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Initials & Letters for Wall Decor on Canvas Prints

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Here is a fun idea that you can use to decorate any wall space in your house. Use your child's or family's initials or just the first letter in your last name and create a graphic art print on canvas or photo paper. This is a very easy project to do. The hardest part will be selecting the right font that conveys the right...personality of your child or whole family. Here are a few easy steps to making your own graphic art project. 1. Select the font you want to use. Like I said this could be the toughest part. I suggest keeping it very simple and clean. You can always go to and peruse some really cool free fonts there. could go a little crazy looking at fonts there...because there are a ton. I am speaking from experience. I have found the font I want to use for my project. It is called Ribbon and you can download it from 2. I am going make a new image in Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements). Make your image size the size you want your print to be. I am going to make my canvas print 20"x30". 3. Now just type your initial or initials onto the image file. You can go with a fun background color or even use a pattern in the background. Or if you are an advanced Photoshop user you can make your letters have a pattern (that will be a later How To). Here is what my initials and letters on wall decor look like so far. canvas printing, print on canvas, graphic art, typography, letters as art Let the letter or letters speak for themselves. This will look fantastic on a wall by itself as a canvas print or even on fine art photo paper and framed. When you upload your file to Canvas Press and do want to order a photo canvas...well i guess it's more like a "letter" canvas... choose the color border option and choose the same color that is on the background of your print or you can manually enter the color value (called the hex value...starts with a # and has 6 digits after it). That way your entire letter will stay on the front of the canvas. So there you go...quick and easy. You design it and leave the canvas printing to us. This idea is great for a living room or kid's rooms. We would love to see what you come up with. Here are a few other examples of what people have done with using letters and initials as wall art. Enjoy! graphic art, canvas prints, framed letters, framed type, framed letters, print on canvas, graphic art, wall collage framed initials, framed monogram, typography, graphic art, print on canvas baby room, framed letters, initials, monogram, interior design, photo prints