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Instagram App for Android Users Has Arrived

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iphoneography, mobile photography, smart phone photography, photo appsAndroid users rejoice. Today on canvas" href="" target="_blank">Instagram announced the release of their famous photo app for android operating systems. For some photography lovers this has been a long time coming. The app will work with Android users with version 2.2 or newer. The app looks and feels the same as on a iOS but with a few things missing. For right now there is no tilt-shift or blur option but apparently those will be coming soon. Instagram is a free app and has helped spawn a new type of photography that almost anyone can access and be a part of. Now that reach is even further with this new announcement. Here is the announcement directly from the makers of the Instagram app: "Today, we’re excited to bring you Instagram for AndroidTM. We’ve already seen more than 30 million people join Instagram to create and share beautiful photos on their iOS devices, and now we’re thrilled to offer a way for Android users to join their iOS friends on Instagram to share their photos with the world. We’ve been working tirelessly to make this new Android app a first-class mobile photo-sharing experience. We’ve been meticulous about translating the Instagram experience to the Android platform. The Android app offers an extremely familiar Instagram experience when compared to the iOS app. You’ll find all the same exact filters and community as our iOS version. For the over 30 million people already using Instagram, this is a big step forward for the community as a whole. When we started working on Instagram, we tried to imagine what the world would be like if every single person on earth could share the world around them through the lens on their phones. With the release of Instagram for Android, we’re one step closer to making that goal a reality. Now, more of your friends and family can share their lives, and follow yours, through a series of beautiful images. We’re so excited to welcome Android users to what has become an inspiring and thriving community. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best photo-sharing experience on Android, and look forward to seeing your photos and hearing your feedback. Enjoy!"