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Is The Cloud A Safe Place To Store Your Family Memories?

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digital photography, cloud storage, photo storage, online photo storageThe World Wide Web has revolutionized the resulting image output from camera clicks; from roll films to digital photos, we have come a long way. You and I are both affected by digital photography in one form or the other, whether it is sharing pictures on Facebook among family and friends or on Flicker for the whole world to see. You might be so engrossed in clicking pictures that you wouldn’t have given a thought to storing those memories in a safe and secure location. Whether you are an amateur who just got your first digital camera, a mom who loves to take pictures of your adorable children or someone who is passionate about digital clicks, creating a backup of your photographs is essential. While it may seem convenient to store on hard drives or CDs, but will you risk your life’s memories in a possible disk crash? You might have heard of an odd sounding term, cloud storage, being used frequently nowadays. Perhaps some might ask you to be wary about the drawbacks of using cloud storage for storing your digital photos. In the simplest way, cloud storage is an online form of storage present on various servers that store digital content such as photos, videos, documents, music and apps. So it is basically data backed up on the servers of a third party such as Google, Apple, Amazon or others. Don’t raise your eyebrows just yet. While you might consider this pretty unsafe or open to hackers, contrarily you seem to use cloud on an everyday basis. Talk about web mail services such as Gmail, Hotmail and even the world’s most used social platform Facebook, they have your online data stored on the cloud! Cloud storage is great way to store your digital photos and videos because you can access them practically from anywhere around the world on your laptop, smartphone or tablet as long as you have an internet connection. No worries, if your hard drive at home crashes, you have your memories safe in the online cloud. You don’t even run out of hard disk space; when you need more space, simple seek a high GB package. Most people view cloud storage as not a good backup strategy because of incidents related to hacking of Sony, Zappos and Symantec and data loss of Hotmail and Amazon. But when it comes to your family memories, they are safe on the cloud. Many cloud storage websites store your encrypted files in the same way your bank transactions are encrypted. Come to think of it, hackers really won’t get much out of hacking your personal photos and videos; they are more interested in huge corporations. As far as data loss is concerned, cloud services are way more secure than your hard drives at home that are exposed to higher risks of theft, misuse and loss. The cloud is being monitored 24/7 by automated systems and professional staff who take care of any potential problems that arise almost immediately. This being said, nevertheless, you should not consider cloud storage as your sole storage option. You should also store your data on your computer’s hard drive and external hard drive in addition to the cloud. Digital photography has made many types of cloud storage options available specifically for all you photographers out there. There is the community web-based cloud storage that is cheaper and allows easy uploading of images. Flicker and Smugmug are popular photo sharing websites. Another type is the hybrid file synchronization service such as Dropbox, Livedrive and Live Mesh which monitors a specific folder on your computer and automatically uploads it to the cloud. But if you want you own dedicated cloud storage, Amazon provides you as much needed space as you want for storing your family memories. References: