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Is There a Wrong Way to Hold a Camera?

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I am a pretty observant guy...I notice certain things about people and how they do things. I guess it is just the curiosity in me that is fascinated by how differently people do certain things. Something that I always get a kick out of is how different people hold their camera. Some professional photographers may argue that there is a proper way or proper technique when holding your camera. I say that how you hold your camera makes a statement about you and your personality...maybe even your outlook on life. Now there very well may be proper technique on how to hold your camera...but it is waaay more entertaining to see how many different ways you can do it. So we have put together a small sampling of just a few of the ways we have seen it been done. Some you will recognize, some you may actually do and some may not product the best results. But they are all unique. We would love to see how you do it and maybe some other creative ways you hold your camera.

Is there a wrong way to hold a camera?

Here is a short explanation for each of the following photos.

The Tourist - This is your standard strap around the neck, head out to see the city, and I brought my camera to photograph some cool stuff...even though it doesn't look very cool. It gets the job done

The Jazz Hands - Seen mostly with point and shoot cameras. For those who want to make absolutely sure their fingers will not be in the photos.

The Peek-a-boo - Some photographers close one eye when they are taking their photos...others like to keep both open to make sure they aren't missing any of the action. Not really necessary if you are taking photos of inanimate objects.

The Thrill Ride - Very unorthodox and dangerous. But some folks (while bored) will give the camera a spin. Only recommended if you super glued your straps to your camera. Also known as The Swinger.

The Safe-Shot - Some photographers out there will only take their photos on a tripod. Certainly the safest way to go...unless you trip on the tripod and the camera comes crashing to the ground. But I prefer to be a glass is half full kind of person.

The Rock Concert - The act of trying to take a photo of the band over that 6'9" guy in front of you. Also seen at sporting events and weddings. It is a hit and miss photo technique, but when you nail feel like the rockstar.

The Hipster - The opposite from the Rock Concert. You are trying to be stealthy, daring, or ironic (see hipster def.) by shooting from the hip. Great way to catch kids off guard, plus you are shooting on a different level. Higher degree of difficulty but you look cool and casual doing it.

The Risk Taker - No Strap on the camera can be quite a liberating feeling. These are the first people to ride their bikes with no hands too...there has to be a study somewhere to back that up.

The Okey-Dokey - Easily spotted because of the overhand grab of the lens to focus or zoom. Also looks like they are giving you the "OK" sign. Makes me want to give them a thumbs up right back at 'em.

and finally...

The Capison - When you try to take a photo and you can't figure out why the screen is pitch black...then after about 10 seconds you realize you left the cap on the lens of the camera. It has happened to everyone...just more to some than others.