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Kids Room Décor Ideas

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The kids’ rooms may be the most entertaining rooms in your home to decorate. Their rooms are the perfect place to use bold colors and fun themes without the need to tie these to the rest of your décor scheme. The key is striking a balance between what your child wants and what you want to see without going over budget or making too many permanent changes. Simply decorating the walls in your kids’ rooms provides a flexible solution that can be swapped out as your kids grow and their tastes change. Here are some kids room decor ideas that will fit any space and any budget. Hope this sparks some inspiration.

Display a Mini Art Gallery

Supporting your child’s creativity helps her grow and feel comfortable exploring new things. Hanging a mini art gallery of her artistic endeavors in her room is a reminder that you are keeping tabs on her progress and a supportive way to encourage her artistry. Wall art that you can use for a mini gallery includes:
  • The best of her original works of art, which you can choose together for a display you will both love.
  • Canvas prints of her experiments in digital photography.
  • Canvas or photo prints of work that’s too delicate too hang but can be scanned and printed for a lasting work of art.

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Use Chalkboard Paint for Wall Drawing

The limitless possibilities of a blank canvas seem to beg for art – even if the “canvas” is a freshly painted wall and the art is done with markers and crayons about two and a half feet off the ground. With chalkboard paint, you can make it OK for your kids to draw on the walls in a limited area using colored chalk. The kids’ rooms are a perfect place to allow this activity, which they can erase and do over and over again. Alternatively, you can paint a separate piece of wallboard or similar material with chalkboard paint if you do not want to use it directly on your home’s walls.

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Create a Collage for Smaller or Selected Pieces of Art

Smaller examples of kids’ artwork seem to accumulate at a much faster rate than the larger ones do. Additionally, younger children may make several pieces of art on one large paper and only be proud of certain sections. Carefully cutting chosen sections out of the larger pieces and selecting the most treasured examples of small works can provide a range of pieces for a great collage to be hung in his room.

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Hang a Wire with Clothespins for a Changing Look

One reason that many of his works of art aren’t hung on the walls might be reluctance to move and remove hanging hardware. An easy way around this is to hang a clothesline along a section of a blank wall and use clothespins to hang new works as they are created, while deciding which older pieces should be preserved in the art box. Smaller canvases can also be hung easily on a wire if they are equipped with hanging hooks.

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