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Kung Fu Dogs and Vintage Photos on Canvas

by | | Art & Decor

We all have those “Aunts” and “Uncles” in our lives that are actually no relation to us, just close friends with our parents or grandparents. In my case, I had Aunt Millie growing up. She passed away while I was in college, and my grandmother and I went to her apartment to help clean up and organize her belongings. I was fortunate to be given her bags and boxes full of old negatives and slides. It’s a treasure trove that will take me years to go through. In the few that I’ve pulled aside so far and scanned, there is one I fondly call "Kung Fu Dog" that just cracks me up! old photos on canvas It seems to be from the late 70s, and I don’t understand why a flower arrangement larger than the dog is sitting on the carpet or how they got that dog to pose but I just LOVE this moment that they captured. It isn't as hard as you would think to turn forgotten treasures (maybe you have a karate cat, or a sumo turtle) into vintage photos on canvas. With the popularity of the "vintage" movement still going strong now is the right time to dig through those old photos. Think about them not only as family history, but also as pieces of photo art. We can help you with turning a dusty photograph or old negative into a unique canvas print. We will scan your negative or photo, clean it up if it needs minor or major repair then print it on canvas or even as a metal print. For questions on how to start your project give us a call at 888-784-5553 or email us at We would be more than happy to turn your old negatives into a vintage photos on canvas. Our Kung Fu is strong!