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Our Top 5 Spots in America for Amazing Vacation Photos on Canvas

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vacation photos on canvas the view from the rocky beach in Valdez, Alaska. We are a bunch of dreamers here at Canvas Press. I think we all have a little wanderlust in us here. We are always talking to each other about where we would love to travel to. We had a conversation the other day about some of the top spots in our grand United States that we have or haven't been. Each of us gave are our top spots to visit based on where we thought we could capture (and print) the best vacation photos on canvas. We know that summer goes quickly. Especially for families who have kids who will be heading back to school in less than a month (sad thought...I know). But some of these spots can be traveled to year round. And yes, we know there are sooo many other places to list. We just picked the top 5 that we thought would generate the best vacation photos on canvas so don't judge us or get upset because your favorite spot was left out. Instead, we would love to hear where your favorite spot or place you always wanted to go is. These are not in any particular order of importance. 1. Alaska - I had a chance to go for the first time a few year ago and I was blown away by the beauty of the state. I will say based on the parts of Alaska that I visited my favorite spot was Valdez. But you really can't go wrong...anywhere in Alaska and you are going to see beautiful landscapes. This place is ideal turning your vacation photos on could decorate your whole home in just one visit to AK. 2. Yosemite National Park - Where Ansel Adams made his mark. This place is magical with mountain tops and scenic valleys. Waterfalls and wildlife. It is all here to capture. I am starting to sound like a travel commercial. Seriously though, Yosemite is breathtaking! An absolute must for any photo enthusiasts out there. 3. Hawaii - I personally have never been, but Caroline has and you of course see a lot of it in the movies and television. How could this not make the list for places to go for amazing vacation photos on canvas. I think a tiki god would have some type of revenge on me if they found out Hawaii wasn't on the list. The question is which island would is the most photogenic. I am convinced that it is the island of Kauai. This is based on whenever I talk to people who have been to Hawaii. I usually grill them pretty good about what was the most beautiful part and they usually say Kauai. 4. Yellowstone National Park - Not for the geysers, but for the landscapes around Yellowstone. Beautiful views of the mountains and wide open plains (where the deer and antelope play). Photos of the iconic buffalo would look amazing on canvas. So would about 10 zillion other photos that are taken at Yellowstone every year. 5. San Francisco - ahhh San Fran. Definitely one of my favorite cities on this planet. There is so much to see and photograph in this city. The fog by itself makes pretty much anything in the city worthy of a canvas print. Check out the Japanese Gardens in Golden Gate State Park and head over to Sausalito for views of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are into city-scapes it is worth doing the tour of Alcatraz just to see the view of the city. Amazing. Like I said, I know we have barely scraped the tip of this iceberg. Where are some of your favorite spots or places you want to go that you wouldn't mind getting your vacation photos on canvas?