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Photo Fun with Fog: How to Create Instant Art on a Foggy Day

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Digital photography can easily be regarded as one of the most powerful methods of expressing emotions and capturing the whimsical strokes of artistry scattered about us. It is, indeed, the desire for creative energies emitted by the aura of a variety of overwhelming sceneries that encourage artists to turn to photographs when they are in dire need for inspiration. This intensified sense of creativity is the driving force that urges the human mind to come up with something new every single time, hence inspiring a greater feeling of accomplishment. When it comes to photo projects, foggy photography is no exception. It is one of those genres of digital photography that instantly struck a chord with photography enthusiasts, earning a reputation that will not wane anytime soon. Taking photographs in fog is a tricky business. On the other hand, one cannot deny the fact that it is this emotive element in fog that can give the simplest of objects the desired mood and the much sought-after atmospheric feel. In any case, it can be exceedingly difficult not to end up with photos that look flat or washed-out. For those who want to reap photogenic rewards through foggy photography, the following can be thought of as a photo tutorial. This photo tutorial is aimed at helping photographers realize the true potential of what they can do with their camera in the exceptional weather. While fog and mist may serve as great environments for photography, it is of paramount importance to bring to the photographs all the poignant elements that truly make a snapshot stand out. Most of us think of fog or mist as a veil but the truth is that fog can give photographs that magical and mysterious appeal. Digital photography in fog is easier said than done. This is because in this weather, light is originating from a wider area. The contrast of photographs in this climate suffers dramatically. Also, shots are most likely to take longer exposure times as scenes are dimly lit. Foggy photography, therefore, necessitates positive exposure compensation because the moisture makes the air reflect more light as compared to usual days. Despite of all these problems, foggy photography is the most powerful tool a photographer has in his arsenal for capturing the size, lighting, shape and depth of a scene. Some tips to help first-timers fog photographers stay on track are briefly accounted below.

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Focus the Depth and Form

When you are taking a shot in fog, it is important to remember that as you move away from the subject, it not only starts appearing smaller but also loses its contrast significantly. A great idea is to at least have a certain portion of your subject stay closer to the camera. This way some portion of the image will have higher color and contrast and will also give the viewer an idea about how things will look in the background.

Always Keep the Emphasis on the Light

Foggy photography can be a difficult photo project because the presence of water drops in the air will make the air more reflective to light. This will often light but will also highlight it if it is condensed and originating from any direct sources. What you can do it to choose your vantage point prudently. Make sure you are close to it but not exactly in front of it. fog photography, photograph in the fog, photo ideas, digital photography, photo tutorials

Stunning Silhouettes

Fog highlights the shape of the subject. What furthers sweetens the deal for digital photography is that it reduces subjects to simple silhouettes. The internal texture and contrast is compromised but the results are worth it. One tip to keep in mind is to set the exposure according to the fog to make the subject appear as a silhouette. fog photography, photograph in the fog, photo ideas, digital photography, photo tutorials

Timing Is a Must

One may find it hard to believe but with foggy photography, it is the timing that matters the most. By keeping an eye on how the fog is affecting the shot, appropriate timing can render shots you have wanted all along. Fog does not only vary in thickness, it often moves in clumps as well. It goes without saying that it is, therefore, critical to ensure proper distribution of fog in your shots. On a final note, remember that it is only because of creativity that we are able to appreciate the dreamy scenery. Foggy photography is truly an inspirational work of art as it allows photographers to capture a myriad of elements including mystery, fantasy and beauty all at the same time. fog photography, photograph in the fog, photo ideas, digital photography, photo tutorials fog photography, photograph in the fog, photo ideas, digital photography, photo tutorials