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Photo to Canvas Painting | Oil Painting Photos

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Have you ever been to a place so beautiful that you thought it was a painting or at least someone should paint it? Well go ahead and take a photo of it and bring it to us. We can make that photo into a an oil painting masterpiece that Rembrandt would be jealous of...or at least he would do a double take at it. Ok, so it isn't actual oil painting that we are doing...even is a digital painting technique that our team has perfected to create unique oil painting prints. We can make landscapes, portraits, even still life photos into a digital painting that when combined with our gallery wrap canvas prints looks amazing. I would even bet that if you had an oil painting photo hanging in your house your guests would ask who painted that? Then you could tell them that you took up painting two weeks ago and you painted it from memory (see how long you can keep that one going). This is a process that really only a handful of people can do really well...sure anyone can open a photo in photoshop and slap on a few filters and call it a painting. That is so far from what we do when transforming your photo into an Oilworks piece. If it is a photo of a loved one you can request certain elements be painted over or even enhanced by the painting technique. Then we work our magic (which may take a few days, but it is so worth the wait). From there the photo is printed on our beloved Epson printers on ink that will last over 90 years. Then your oil painting photo is off to be carefully stretched onto the canvas frame. If you would like to try this option just upload your photo to be printed onto canvas at After you have selected your size and confirm that the crop is ok the next step will have 3 drop down menus. The 3rd one at the top of the page is "Artistic Options" select that then select Oilworks. As always you can contact us at 888.784.5553 if you have any questions about our photo to canvas painting services. Here are a just a few examples of the Oilworks before and after. Canvas Press, photos to canvas, oilworks, canvas prints Canvas Press, prints to canvas, oilworks, canvas painting, photos to canvas Canvas Press, painting on canvas, photos on canvas, oilworks Canvas Press, oilworks, photos to canvas, canvas art