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Printing Your Pet Photos on Canvas

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chocolate lab, pet portraits, dog portraits Jackson has become a fixture here in the office lately. He wonders from office to office looking for back-scratches and a good place to nap. He just loves to be around people. Even though Jackson isn't my dog I feel what most pet owners feel. Your pet is a part of your family. Why wouldn't they deserve a spot on you wall. You can add to your family collage of photos by printing your pet photos on canvas. The hardest part might be getting a good photo of your furry little friend. Has anyone else noticed that some dogs just don't like to have their photo taken? You take out the camera when they are doing something cute and they turn away. Dogs are a big culprit of this. Well there are a few tricks for getting your pet photos on canvas. Get your pet used to your camera. Basically that means that if they see it a lot they will become a little more comfortable with it. Let them sniff it and check it out. Not only by itself but also when you have it up to your face. It is basically a process of the more photos you take of them, the more they will be accustomed with you having that camera in front of your face...which will lead to better photos. You see where I am going with that. You have to be quick. During play time or if they are lounging or doing something extremely cute you have to be ready with the camera. I know this is easier said than done. Keep your camera or even phone camera close by. Some of the best pet photos on canvas are spontaneous action photos that show off the character of the beloved dog, cat, fish, turtle...whatever. Make sure you have nice natural light. Outside in the shade or next to a window are nice. I recommend whatever you do don't use your flash. Your pet will hate you for it and it can cause some funky green eyes in the final photo. Humans get red eye when a flash goes off, but pets get green eye. It's not flattering on a photo or as a canvas print. So choose a good time of day when it's a little overcast or during sunrise or sunset to get some several pet photos you know will look great on canvas. For the untrained pet (cats and dogs alike) it can really be a game of patience and luck. Sometimes too much stimulus can make your pet very antsy so they won't sit still. Instead let them do their thing and once they have calmed down try again. Don't use loud noises or whistles instead try softer noises or movements to get their attention. These softer noises will cause their ears to perk and eyes focus where you want them to. Hope you enjoyed these tips and find them useful for printing your pet photos on canvas. You know we are here to help you in any way we can. You can get started with your project at or give us a call at 888.784.5553.