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Recycling Art Supplies: Canvas Recycling & More

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recycled art supplies Want to give you little bit of a lowdown on something that we are proud of here at Canvas Press. As you know, we print all kinds of custom sized canvas prints. All of our canvas prints get printed on large rolls of artist canvas that come directly from the mill. We do our best to make sure that as much of the canvas roll gets printed. It helps to have played a lot of Tetris growing up. No matter how hard we try we will have to waste some extra canvas. They could be small trimmed pieces or it could be even larger test strips that we can't reuse ourselves. We are recycling any and all of it. What we love the most is that the majority of our scrap canvas goes to an art program for at risk kids. This after school program uses the canvas for the kids to get creative and paint or use markers on the canvas to their heart's content. If you are local to the Austin area and would like some canvas scraps for an art project, feel free to contact us. We will try to set some aside for you. The other green recycling that we're doing right now is we're giving the sawdust from our untreated poplar wood frames to local organic farmers to use in their composting. So, if you're out there and you are in desperate need of some poplar sawdust untreated wood sawdust give us a shout. Just to forewarn you, we've got a little bit of a waiting line for folks who want to use the canvas in their work and the sawdust in their organic gardens. But, if you really want some we would love to get you some of our recycled goodness...just be patient. We just have one request if you do end up recycling our material. We want to see some finished work. So, you have to either bring us some samples or show us some samples of how you are getting your creative groove on with the what we can't use.