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Remembering the Cars You've Loved

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I love my car. Pure and simple. I love it because it has been a great car, it fits my personality, and people know I am coming when they see it. I drive a Yellow 2001 Nissan XTerra. I have over 200,000 miles of love on that car...It is the first car I bought on my own and I can remember the day that I got it. My Xterra has had many nicknames over the years from my friends and family. The bus and the yellow banana (courtesy of my niece and nephew) are two of my faves. I welcome all the nicknames with a smile because I know they are jealous and wish they had a car with as much personality as mine. Well, this past weekend the wife and I took a little trip to a local lake and on the way back home the old banana started to overheat. As my wife and I sat there waiting for the tow truck to haul it to the shop I couldn't help but think that the end was near for my beloved car. So as we waited my wife took some shots with with me and the bus. It got me thinking about other people out there who love their cars as much as I love mine. My parents had a camper van when I was growing up that my Mom loved...we still have the license plates that was on it. 6VONS is what it read. What else do people do to commemorate the cars they have loved and had to let go? Do they keep photos of them to show the future generations. Have they gone so far as to enlarge and frame those photos? I think what I might do...and this might sound a little get that car nice and cleaned up and take it out to take some photos of it...A. because I need to sell it and nice photos always help with that and B. I do want to have some nice photos of it to remember it and show...whoever...that I had a pretty cool car back in the day. Once I do take those photos I will be sure to share them with everyone. Might make them into a limited edition set of canvas prints...I will autograph each one and sell them at a very reasonable price ;-D Here are a few from the last days of the legendary Yellow Xterra as we waited for the truck. canvas press staff, canvas prints, favorite cars, nissan xterra, remembering cars canvas press staff, canvas prints, favorite cars, nissan xterra, remembering cars