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Round Top Antique Weekend Wrap Up

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If you live in Texas and haven't heard of or been to the Round Top Antique have to check it out. Even if you aren't into's ok...there is sooo much cool stuff to see out there (seemingly in the middle of nowhere). I had not heard about the Round Top Antique Weekend until last year, but apparently it has been going (and growing) for a number of years. My wife, Kim, and I decided we would head out to see what the buzz is all about. We had only heard that there were some tents along the side of the road as you travel from Round Top to La Grange (two tiny towns in Texas). We were not ready...WOW. These were no small "farmer's market" tents. These were some full on pavilion / beer garden / Octoberfest style tents...full to the brim of all different types of furniture, knick-knacks, found items, made items, weird name it. It was there, somewhere, in one of those many tents that lined the two lane road. So there we were...without a plan and kind of without a clue as to what we had casually gotten into. And that was fine by us. We love this kind of stuff. Discovering new things...trying to think of different ways we could use or repurpose some item. This was right up our ally. Our heads were on a swivel and constantly saying, "Oh, that's cool" or, "Check this out". I think one of our problems is we don't have enough space in our house to put all of the cool things we were finding. According to my wife, we need a bigger house. We quickly found out that we were barely going to scratch the surface of this amazing event (which is held twice a year). As we talked to some vendors we found people from all over the country who come to shop and to sell at the Round Top Antique Weekend. Some folks who shop will stay for several days to make sure they see every vendor in each of the small towns. By the end of our day we were getting a little overwhelmed. There was just too much to tackle in one day. Kim and I were splitting up to find cool things, doing "quick spins" to pop into a tent to see if there was anything that peaked our interest. Finally we just ran out of gas...and it was only 4pm. That is why people come for multiple days. Even though we were beat and our feet hurt and our heads were spinning...we loved it and we can't wait to go back for the Spring show (March 22nd thru April 6th). Next time we will go with more of a drawn up plan. If you are looking for a fun event for a group of friends or you and your spouse check out the Round Top Antique Weekend. round top, antiques, mcdonalds play land One of my favorites from the there is no McDonald's out in Round Top...someone was actually selling this piece from a Micky D's Playland. Hysterical. clay pots, Round Top pinball machine, instagram dinosaur yard art, yard art Weirdest and funniest thing we saw that day was this set of plastic yard-art T-Rex. Probably from the late 70's early 80's...That middle one looks like it has to go to the bathroom REALLY bad. antique windows, round top antique bottles, round top tx antique statue, round top tx american flag, instagram, round top tx, junk gypsies