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Selling Fine Art Canvas Prints and Other Tips for Artists

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Whether you are a seasoned artist or have just discovered you have a creative side, there is a good chance, you are going to try and sell your art. Unfortunately, it is not like the movies where you are discovered by an art agent who markets your works and makes you a famous artist where you are suddenly pulling in $10,000.00 a painting. What most people do not realize is how much strength and determination it takes to be a successful, professional artist. If it were really that easy, the quote would be “A Very Full Artist” as opposed to “A Starving Artist”. Here are some tips to follow that will (hopefully) boost your career as an artist. One thing that has worked well for me is printing limited edition fine art canvas prints for people who can't afford my originals, but I will talk more about that in just a bit. So, let's get you started on your way to selling your art. First of all, it is important to record all your artwork. Even the pieces you are not fond of. Take your work to a professional photographer to get high resolution digital copies of your paintings and then burn them onto a disk. If you have digital copies of your artwork, not only will you have copies proving you are the creator of these fine art pieces but you will be able to make fine art canvas prints out of them. Enabling you to keep your originals for yourself and still sell prints at an affordable price that most people will be able to fit into their budget. Second, you need to become a social butterfly. That could mean literally going outside your home or doing a fiery of blogging. I would also suggest joining artist groups or museums and putting together a website or even a traditional portfolio. Putting your artwork up in a gallery is good for exposure. However, don’t rely on any type of consistent income from it and many galleries take any where from 45-60% of your sales. You may even want to start writing news letters for art lovers and/or send out a press release heightening the awareness of your artwork. If you decide to go the route of blogging and press releases make sure you have something interesting and exciting for the reader. An example: Let them know of any fine art shows going on in their area and make sure you are one of the artists at the fine art show. Fine art shows are wonderful exposure. You are able to meet with the public that are there to enjoy the day and all the beautiful art. Your chances are good you sell your work if you find a nice high volume art show. Lastly try not to under sell or over sell your art. If you have to sell low, sell fine art canvas prints that are reproductions of your original, like we sell at Canvas Press. For example, an original 16x20” of one of your paintings may range somewhere in the ballpark of $550.00 to $995.00. But until demand for your art becomes higher you may want to look at selling fine art canvas prints that are printed by Canvas Press. When you price original artwork too low tells the buyer “Cheap Product”, but artists that have prints made at Canvas Press are able to easily sell their 16x20” giclée prints for half the price while keeping their originals at the higher price. Keep in touch with the people interested in your art so you are able to invite them to anywhere you show your art. Stay persistent and within 2 years, with enough marketing, you will have a wonderful network of interested buyers. You may not be able to retire merely on your artwork alone, but with enough effort, you could live comfortably. artists at work