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Signs of a Quality Photos on Canvas? Part Two

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quality photos on canvas In part one we talked about how packaging plays a large part of delivering quality photos on canvas to you, our customer. Well, I know that is kind of the last piece of the process before it gets to you. Now to jump back to the beginning of the whole process to talk about part two in what to look for in getting a quality canvas print. Sorry for jumping around on these parts of the process, but I am inspired to write these different pieces as we get some specific questions from our customers. As I said, back to the beginning of the process for what makes quality photos on canvas. Specifically, the image prep work that happens before your photos are even sent to the printer. When you order a custom canvas print from Canvas Press we look at everything. That includes, sharpness, image resolution, contrast, and saturation. Either Caroline or I will make sure that whatever you are ordering has a high enough resolution to be enlarged to the custom size you have chosen. It happens sometimes that the resolution or sharpness is a little questionable. But rather than push that on through and have it printed without question, we will get in contact with you to make sure you are ok with it or to see if you possibly have a higher resolution photo to work from. We want you to have the best possible canvas print possible, and we will work with you one on one to make sure we get everything correct before it goes to print. On the flip side, when you are ordering your canvas print you can write in specific instructions to us. Let's say you need the contrast bumped up a little or add a little more color saturation. These requests are fine by us. We will usually send you a proof of the photo after we edit it to make sure it is what you want. Once you ok that proof we will go ahead and get that sucker printed. I guess what it boils down to is that each order that is placed is handled on an individual basis. For you to get quality photos on canvas we believe that it takes that level of service on a consistent basis. We believe that it all starts the second we get that order from you. We make the photo beautiful so that the canvas is beautiful. You know you can call us at anytime (888.784.5553) during your process for help on an order or just to see where it is at in production.