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Six Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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mother's day photo gift ideas We owe everything to our mother, and she deserves a gift as special as she is. While jewelry tarnishes and flowers wilt, memories last forever. And as mom always says, “It’s the thought that counts.” Give mom happy thoughts all year round with a gift that will last a lifetime. Here are just a few awesome ideas for how you can capture a special moment for your mother with a piece of art she’ll be proud to hang on the wall for years to come. FAMILY PORTRAITS A mother’s greatest love is her family. Why not give your mom a high-quality canvas or metal print of her smiling loved ones? If you have a photo in mind, we can offer you a free print quality consultation and help you pick the perfect format for your image. mothers day gift ideasFAMILY TREE A family is rooted in its matriarch. Preserve your ancestry and lineage artfully on a canvas or metal print--or even a full wall mural. Start a new tradition and update your tree with each new birth in the family. With our customizable wall murals, we can help your artwork grow through the generations. mothers day gift ideasHER WEDDING DAY A woman’s wedding day will always be a treasured memory. It’s the day two families became one and a new family was forged. Sure, Mom may already have pictures from her happy celebration, but printing technology has come a long way. Bring back the joy of her special day this Mother’s Day with a restored photo from her wedding on canvas. mothers day gift ideasHER PARENTS Mothers are children, too. And while we can’t keep our parents forever, we can always remember the love and lessons they shared with us. Surprise Mom with a portrait print of her parents, grandparents or loved ones who’ve passed on, and this gift will bring fond memories every time she views it. mothers day gift ideasQUOTES Every mom has that thing she always says. “I Did It Because I Love You” “One Day You’ll Thank Me!” and, everyone’s favorite, “Because I Said So!” Immortalize your mom’s favorite phrase or present her with unique words of love and inspiration that she can hold in her heart forever--because that’s how long our canvas lasts. mothers day gift ideasA PERSONAL TOUCH The pitter-patter of little feet is a sound every mother loves to hear. Capture those tiny footprints--or handprints--now,because they won’t be that small forever! This gift idea is perfect for new moms or first-time grandmothers.For older children, you can further customize your canvas with a handwritten message in felt pen. WHY CANVAS PRESS? When you trust Canvas Press with your Mother’s Day gift purchase, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer services. Our materials are made in America, and every one of our canvases are stretched by hand. We offer the most diverse sizes on the web, so you can create the perfect piece of art for that exact space in your mother’s home. Happy Mother’s Day! And happy shopping!