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Take a Trip Around The World With Instagram

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The folks over at have never failed to be on the forefront of what is up and coming. If you haven't heard of the best way to describe it is a news source for the tech savvy. Anything that is going on in the tech world and a little into pop culture they are on top of it. One of their most recent posts caught my eye...a post entitled "Around the World in 80 Instagrams". This unique take on Jules Verne's adventure story written in 1873 is quite a contrast on how we can view our world instantaneously through Instagram. The maps is interactive so you can zoom in on photos, and find out exactly where they were taken. Bravo Mashable! We love your creativity. The bonus on that page is the adventure of a girlfriend leading her boyfriend around the world. Be sure to check that out. You can find the post on