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Taxes Are Done! Celebrate With 35% Off Canvas Prints

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tax sale If you dread April 15th as much as us then you are so glad to have it behind us. Thank goodness for April 16th...except when April 15th falls on a Sunday and taxes are due on the 16th. Now we can just countdown to next tax day. Ok, let's not get THAT gloomy. Let's at least count down to Christmas first...then we can start looking at tax day again. We thought we would celebrate the fact you got your return in on time (and maybe a little early?) by giving you some type of break. No, it's not a tax break but it does feel better on the wallet. We are doing 35% off all purchases at Canvas Press for the next 48 hours. That means canvas prints, metal prints, photo paper, and wallpaper are all on sale until Friday, April 18th at noon (PST). If you were one of the lucky ones to get a nice return from your taxes then you can treat yourself with some new artwork for the abode. Ooooor you could look ahead and see that Mother's Day is pretty much right around the corner and go ahead and get that knocked off your to do list before it gets to be a last minute thing. Whatever the reason, don't miss it. We don't have too many sales with this big of a discount. My advice would be to make it count. You could even think about early Christmas shopping...very early Christmas shopping. Some people do that, right? Ok, here are some details. Be sure to use the promo code: TAX35 at checkout to get your sale price. There is no limit as to quantity or sizes that you order. The sale will end on Friday, April 18th at noon (Pacific time). That gives you east coast folks a couple extra hours. To get started just head to the site: and start uploading the photos you want as canvas prints. Let us know if we can help.