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Travel Safety Tips for Photographers

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Traveling is an amazing opportunity for taking some of the best photographs; however, being in a strange place with flashy camera equipment can sometimes be asking for trouble. Transportation of everything in general can be a challenge as well. These few simple tips will help you keep your treasured memories secure so you can bring home your best travel photography.

1. When traveling through airports keep your most vital and sensitive equipment with you. We've all seen the disarray our checked bags can appear in and trusting that your lenses or other equipment will arrive undamaged is not a good idea. With bags being searched everywhere, it isn’t out of the question that thefts occur in the process, with expensive items being "misplaced" unfortunately. Accessories like extra batteries or filters that are non-essential items can be checked just to save weight and space in your carry-on.

Because you'll be carrying a lot of electronic equipment allow extra time to go through security. After an x-ray they'll likely want to examine the pieces. Just be patient and watch while they do so. After all, it's to keep us all safe.

2. Treat your memory cards like gold. Bring extra cards with you so you can keep snapping and not have to delete or worry about needing to download images to free up space. Once a card is full keep it in a secure place, tucked away in your money belt isn't a bad idea. If you do have to check your camera on the way home take the card out and keep it on you, that way if something happens at least you have the images.

3. Make sure you are insured. If you buy travel insurance for your trip check the coverage for belongings and make sure camera equipment is covered for full replacement costs (check your that your total $ claim limit will be enough) for damage, theft and loss. If the travel insurance company doesn't offer the coverage you need call your renters or homeowners insurance company to discuss their coverage or options to purchase a temporary policy.

4. Don't flaunt your gear. Find a bag or backpack that will safely hold your equipment but that doesn't scream "expensive photo gear" with fancy logos and obvious camera bag style. Minimize your accessories as much as possible, but don't skimp so much that you have regrets, thinking "This shot would be so much better with my wide angle!"

If you want a group shot and ask someone to take it for you, it's not a bad idea to look for another tourist or someone with a nice camera as well. That way they won't be tempted to run for it (no European Vacation moments) and they'll probably know what buttons to push to get the shot.

Once you get home safely with all your amazing photos don't forget to share them! If you travel a lot, think about starting your own blog or post them on Facebook. Once you've had a chance to sort through and pull out your favorites, make a few tweaks and edits so they are perfect and start creating your own personal art.

Printing travel photos on canvas or aluminum can make unique and meaningful artwork to decorate your home or office. Let Canvas Press help you do so. Once people start to see how amazing it looks you'll have requests for more and more copies! Before you know it you'll be starting your own business selling fine art prints of your travel photos.