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Using Giclee Prints for Printing Family Photos | Canvas Press

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giclee prints The photos that you take of your family, and the photos that have been taken of the family members who came before you, are an important part of your family’s legacy. It’s also important to remember that even in this digital age, what we take for granted as common file types today might not be common ten or twenty years from now (have you seen a .pic file lately?). To ensure that this legacy is passed down to the next generation, it’s a good idea to preserve your family memories using quality materials whenever you print a photo. Giclee prints from Canvas Press are perfect for printing family photos as they are durable, high resolution prints of preservation quality.

Different Paper Types Match Your Creative Vision

During the heyday of the one hour photo lab glossy photos were practically the only option. Now a few quick service labs may offer different paper types, but these aren’t typically the archival quality you want for preserving your family memories. Archival quality giclee prints can be ordered on several different paper types that provide different finished looks to compliment the mood and setting of your family photos. Canvas Press currently offers luster, gloss, metallic, and fine art papers for giclee prints that are sure to bring out the best in your family’s treasured photos.

Giclee Prints May Be the Extra Motivation You Need

Deciding to preserve your family memories using giclee prints is a great motivator to scan older family photos that were printed at labs that might not have been using archival quality materials. This means that as these photos age, they will become more faded and damaged. This is particularly worrisome since once damage to a photo or print reaches a certain point, it tends to accelerate. If the negatives aren’t available now is the time to get those photos scanned and made into giclee prints for a digital and a physical back up copy! Tips for preserving those memories:
  • Gently blow any dust or debris from photos, and from the scanner, before scanning. You can remove dust digitally later, but your job will be easier if you also prepare photos ahead of time.
  • For worn or damaged photos, check out your options for professional retouching.
  • Remember, photos are not the only thing that you can have scanned and made into giclee prints. Family recipes, important documents, and other memorabilia are worth preserving too!

Quality Giclee Prints Are Easy to Order

When the giclee printing process was first introduced it was mainly the purview of high end visual artists and photographers. As the technology and materials have developed it has become possible for dedicated photo labs to offer quality giclee prints for your family photos at affordable prices – in fact, the cost of giclee printing for many standard size photos is comparable to the prices you’re used to for your everyday photo prints! Check out your options for ordering giclee prints to preserve your family memories at Canvas Press and see the difference in quality for yourself.

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