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Using Pinterest to Inspire Creative Canvas Prints

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creative canvas prints Browsing photo galleries is a great way to inspire creativity. Visiting photo galleries in person and flipping through photo books are tried and tested traditional ways to find that creative boost, though there are a growing number of quality photo galleries online that can provide the same benefits. Pinterest might now be the largest of these, thanks to the millions of Pinterest users who contribute to the site and make it easy to find a profusion of great ideas all in one place. Learn how to use Pinterest to inspire your creative canvas prints with these top tips.

Pinterest Boards Devoted to Creativity

Most photos on Pinterest are organized by boards, creating collections of related ideas for easy reference. With the sheer number of great boards on Pinterest, it is difficult to pick just a few to showcase creative ideas. However, the boards below stand out for their consistency, creativity, and appeal.
  • The Wanderlust Designer “Photography Theme: Capture the City” is a board devoted to creative photography ideas in an urban context. This board is a great motivator to get out and try out new photography ideas in the city.
  • Brandon Lesley’s “Graphic Design and Typography” is the board to check out if you are interested in trying out your graphic design skills for a one of a kind canvas print, or are just getting in to graphic design.
  • Jim McCauley’s “4DS” presents a mix of creative design ideas, from traditional posters to graphic painting and mixed media. There is a little of everything on this board to inspire creativity.
  • The Canvas Press “Canvas Prints Idea Gallery” is one of a select number of boards presenting high-quality ideas for displaying your creative canvas prints. You can find ideas here for display in virtually any space.

Using Search Terms Effectively

You can find ideas for creative projects that are both DIY and purchased on Pinterest, but Pinterest’s search function can be a bit trickier to use than standard search engines. These tips can help you navigate Pinterest while looking for creative ideas like a pro.
  • Remember that the search looks through pin descriptions, not image names, to guide your keywords.
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for with a specific term, such as “hanging canvas,” think creatively about how others might have described what you’re looking for and use alternate terms like “wall canvas,” “canvas prints,” and “canvas display.”
  • Avoid getting too specific with your search terms. Since the Pinterest search looks at description, it may exclude any images on which the pinner forgot to include a term.
Pinterest is a perfect tool for finding creative canvas ideas, whether you are looking to create your canvas print or looking for inspiring ways to display your work. If you are interested in finding even more ideas, create your own Pinterest account so that you can tag and bookmark others’ pins and boards – and for even more great ideas, follow Canvas Press on Pinterest, too!