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What Are the Signs of a Quality Photo Canvas? Part One

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custom canvas prints We understand that you may not know what to look for in what makes a quality photo canvas. When you live and breathe this stuff it is easy, but if you purchase one or two over the course of a few years it can be a little harder to discern what is a quality photo canvas and what is sub-par quality. There are several factors to check out to make sure your custom canvas print will last you multiple generations. In Part One I will start with the not so obvious and that is the packaging. If you canvas print comes loose and unprotected in a box with only a bit of packaging paper then chances are the quality might be suffering a little bit. A quality canvas print should be wrapped in plastic so no elements can't harm it if the packaging becomes wet. The photo canvas should also be secured to the box so it doesn't move around during shipping. It is only bad news when a canvas is rattling around in a box. At Canvas Press we make sure that each canvas is properly protected with bags and are strapped down in custom fitted box inserts that protect the corners and sides of the canvas. This ensures that you have a quality canvas print when it arrives at your home. You can't control how the delivery service will treat your package. So, if for some reason they were extra rough on your package and the photo canvas did get damaged (it happens) you want to make sure your canvas company won't give you the run around with getting it replaced. If that happens with an order you placed with Canvas Press, we will get you a new one right away. Our main concern is that you get the quality photo canvas that you deserve. Protective covering, sturdy packaging and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Those are three important pieces of finding a quality photo canvas. If you need help on your next order or project don't hesitate to call us or email us for help. You can head over to to get started on your next project. 888.784.5553 -