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Why Custom Made Wall Art Is Better than Store Bought Art

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custom wall art

1. There Are Options for Everyone

While there’s no denying that you do sometimes get lucky and find a have-to-have piece in a store, wall art made to appeal to everyone doesn’t always fit the bill. With custom made wall art you can create your own vision using neutrals to neons, metallics or mattes, 3d and 2d, or whatever mix suits. With custom made wall art on a serious uptrend you can find DIY how-to’s and tips online to get you started on nearly any project you can think up.

2. Customization Reinforces Uniqueness

With store bought wall art there’s a good chance you’ll encounter someone who has used the same piece. With custom made wall art your art is your own from the starting point to the end result. This means that you can add truly unique art to your home that sets your décor apart. It’s also easier to mix and match custom pieces than it is with store bought, since you can create wall art in the right shade of color to match whatever you have rather than going from store to store searching.

3. Your Personality Can Shine Through

As the saying goes, “Your home is where you make it yours.” Maximizing the amount of custom wall art in your home gives you the control that you need to truly make it yours, mixing patterns, colors, finishes, and sizes in the way that appeals to you most. You have full control over the subject matter with custom art so that your hobbies, interests, and ideals are represented in your décor.

4. You Control the Budget

Let’s face it, store bought wall art doesn’t typically come within budget. Overhead fees, artist’s costs, and a host of other charges find their way into the final bill for pieces big and small. When you are working with custom many of these fees don’t apply. That means that custom wall art can be more affordable than store bought wall art, in addition to its many other advantages! The bigger you go with your custom wall art the more this principle can apply so don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement with your choices.

5. You Learn as You Go, But You Aren’t Alone!

You don’t have to be an expert in arts and crafts to create custom wall art, especially not with Canvas Press at your side! From graphic prints to family portraits Canvas Press has your custom canvas needs covered. Whether you’re starting with new blank walls or looking for the right custom piece to tie everything together we offer custom canvas, photos on metal, and other printing and framing options to fit. By phone or online our experienced photo printing experts are here to help you make your custom made wall art dreams a reality. Contact us today with all of your custom wall art questions and ideas!